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Dear colleagues, dear scientists and students,

The new “MareMundi Institute Krk – Center for Environmental Education and Marine Protection” (MMIK) in Punat has been in operation for a few weeks and is open to guest researchers, university groups and students. This opens up great new opportunities for conducting innovative research, education (such as student programs or field-courses) and marine protection initiatives, which also represent the three pillars of MareMundi.

Our vision is to disseminate and motivate people for environmental education and nature conservation measures through scientific activities at our station. In addition to two large seminar rooms for groups of up to 60 people (microscopes with projection, binoculars), a research laboratory room is available to our guests, which was initiated and supported by the German association MARUBIS ( Overall, on 440 m2, the MMIK offers enough space for several researchers and parallel course. A partner dive base and a large ship for excursions is available on site allowing to explore the underwater world around the island and beyond. Currently, we advise guest-researchers to bring their own more special equipment if needed (aquariums and basic microscopes are available).

Universities, collegues, research institutes, researchers and students interested in conducting natural history courses and excursions or scientific research that would like to use our infrastructure are advised to contact us directly and to discuss required resources, questions and possibilities.

We look very much forward to your feedback!

With best Mediterranean regards

Dr Robert Hofrichter

President of MareMundi

MareMundi Institut Krk

Frankopanska Ulica 71

51500 Punat/Krk, Croatia

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Bericht: Robert Hofrichter,  Katharina Hirschenhauser, Max Wagner
Redaktion: Christina Widmann, Helmut Wipplinger
Fotos: Robert Hofrichter