mare-mundi vacancy: Job Offer for Marine Biologist and Researcher on Crete

NOTE: Thank you for your applications. We have found a great Marine Biologist for mare-mundi field station Crete!

We are looking for a young and passionate Marine Biologist to carry out our research programs for a Marine Protected Area, helps to run the mare-mundi Field Station and guides marine ecological dive trips in Crete.

Dive2gether auf der Insel Kreta

Standort der neuen biologischen Feldstation an der Promenade von Plakias, zugleich Partnertauchbasis und Kooperationspartner von mare-mundi: Dive2gether Crete, DUIKSCHOOL – DIVING SCHOOL- TAUCHSCHULE, Plakias

Our company
Dive2gether is a high quality diving school, a PADI 5 star IDC Dive Resort in the sunny village of Plakias, Crete, Greece. The key to our success lies in educating and training our staff to offer a high quality, personal approach, resulting in an extremely high percentage of returning guests. Our team is young, international, energetic and highly motivated, always striving to satisfy our guests and to make every day a success. Our diving and snorkelling guests are international, although the largest part of our guests is either German or Dutch-speaking and our company language is English.

logo_mare_mundiMarine Research, Education and Protection
As of April 2016 Dive2gether will be a mare-mundi Field Station.
mare-mundi is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. Led by Dr. Robert Hofrichter, mare-mundi has as its main goal to protect the Mediterranean for future generations, through its three pillars; research, education and protection.

More than just an eco-minded diving school Dive2gether will grow to be a centre for marine research and education where recreational divers and snorkelers will be able to learn about the wonders of the aquatic world and its need for protection. Our guests can sign up to take part in research courses and programs contributing to our goals of creating local and international awareness while collecting the necessary data to support a Marine Protected Area in Plakias.Schule Meeresbiologie Marine Biology Kreta Greece Crete mare-mundi (7 von 33)

Plakias and its surroundings

The waters of Plakias offer a unique and diverse underwater landscape with caverns, gorges, steep walls and sudden drops. Thanks to the dominant off-land winds the water is crystal clear with an average visibility of 30+ meters.
Throughout the years the amount of underwater life has decreased mainly due to unsustainable fishing practices. We believe that without action harmful damage could be done and therefore we need to take action now. In order to achieve sustainable protection, we first need to raise awareness, educate our team, guests and the locals, and collect enough data to show what is happening, which is what we need your help with!

Schule Meeresbiologie Marine Biology Kreta Greece Crete mare-mundi (9 von 33)Vacancy
We are looking for a young, talented and passionate Marine Biologist who will be trained to lead our research programs and to run the daily operations of the field station. You will be guided and supported by renowned biologists Dr. Robert Hofrichter and Dr. Andreas Traxler, who will both be involved in the development of this project and who will kick-start the research together with you. Maybe we can combine this work with gaining a master degree.
At the same time, you will be part of our dynamic team, offering high quality PADI diving and snorkelling activities. In order to do this, you will need to be a PADI Divemaster working in our style. To achieve this, in your first month in Plakias you will be trained by us to become an independent PADI Divemaster.

Duration: April-October 2016 and preferred also 2017

Paul Koblens (Dive2gether Crete, DUIKSCHOOL – DIVING SCHOOL- TAUCHSCHULE, Plakias, Crete, , )
Mag. Dr. Robert Hofrichter ( – Verein zur Förderung der Meereswissenschaften , )
Mag. Dr. Andreas Traxler (Biologische Forschungsstation ZORA in Lentas, Kreta)