Diving at the Islands

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Diving at the Islands

Beitrag von 11bracun » 12 Mär 2015 23:14

Yesterday we had our first underwater identification test. Nina chose a really nice location for this… so doing the test was half as bad as it seemed.
It was such a beautiful place; a coral garden with huge and massive corals you can’t even imagine. This was also the reason why my buddy (Emma) and I were very slow at the beginning of the dive, so we didn’t recognize that our Diveguide Mustafa waiting for us impatiently. We were so focused on the beautiful corals and we showed each other with hand signals all things we saw.
Watching us doing this must have looked very funny, it looked like we were dancing underwater.
(Franziska, an other volunteer and I wanted to make a funny dance with the handsignals at the end of the project … called “THE ID DANCE” … maybe we will make a video and share it with you).
In the middle of the dive we changed the groups and our new diveguide was Nina, which was our sign for, “Beginning of the test”. She showed us 10 different things, like fishes, corals, diseases, … . and it was quite difficult to recognize all ten indicators.
In the end we weren’t so bad and I think all of us worked hard to be better in identification, because we want to start with the surveys as soon as possible.

Like I’ve already mentioned, it was an impressive dive: We saw two octopuses, changing their colour in an unimaginable speed, a school of barracudas crossing our way and many different colours. I felt like I was dreaming.

Later that day, we had the substrate identification test. All of us were worried to fail in this test, but in the end all did it. We were so happy that we decided to order pizza and to watch a movie.

Today we woke up and outside blew a heavy wind. All of us weren’t sure about if it was possible to go diving, so we went to “Sinai Divers”.
Arriving there we discussed the plan for the day and decided to do some survey practise on the surface. Nina showed us the correct handling of the materials for underwater research, for instance the use of transects or the underwater tables.
After that introduction we felt ready to start with the surveys and I think next week we will be already that good to collect the data for our project.
However, at the beginning it may be not so easy to handle everything underwater, and maybe we cannot avoid crashing into each other while working.

Furthermore, we also planned our cleaning dive for Sunday. We want to collect all the rubbish from the beach and also underwater (unfortunately there is a lot of garbage).

In the evening we had our last test about Coral Damage and Diseases and we were happy that every one of us did it!!
Now we’re enjoying our cakes, which we bought today at Laila’s (a very highly recommendable bakery here in town). Every Thursday each cake costs half its price and I think many of us bought two pieces.


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