RSEC Dahab: More Clean-up work in Dahab

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RSEC Dahab: More Clean-up work in Dahab

Beitrag von Sahil Puri » 08 Sep 2010 16:20

RSEC Dahab: Beach clean up 02.September 2010

Again we bundled all our forces together and off we went to hand out our flyers to the tourists and local Egyptians walking up and down the beach promenade. Just to mention some good stuff: we could attach flyers at the "main post office shop" near the bridge were all post their letters and postcards, also we could attach flyers to the fameous "Treebar-Disco"-Menu list in front of the door and had good chats with the owner. Even the Nessima Hotel Manager liked our work and effort a lot and so it came that he gave me flyers of his Sunday party and I could attach some more flyers at his info board next to the Bar lounge on the terrace.

Again many groups were formed to cover a large area all around the Masbat Bay. Some people went with our favourite driver "Hamed" to the Eel garden and came back with lots of rubbish again (mainly plastic bottles). One guy working at the restaurant named "lazy camel" thanked us for our work and helped us to transport all the heavy trash onto our pick up car and promised us that he would offer us two pick ups of his own (brand new Toyota´s) for free the next time we would do a clean-up. As we reached back with our big load 4 Egyptian men gave us a great applaus and a standing ovation and whistled loudly and thanked us like mad for our great work. They were so thrilled they even promised us free dives at their Dive Center named 7Heaven. Probably one of them was the owner. We also had 3 Japanese dive tourists helping us cleaning the beaches, also diving with the 7 Heaven Center. Another guy named Amr from Kairo also helped us.

He just came to Dahab for 1 week to assist his friend in a Travel Agency. As we finished one of our volunteers had a long chat with him and arranged a cheap prize offer to go and see the famous White and Coloured Canyons outside Dahab near a small city named Neweiba. It is not just team work and being nice to each other. We are all human beings living on one planet which belongs to all of us equally. Please keep it a safe and clean place. The future generations will thank us!
Thank you

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:arrow: RSEC - Red Sea Environmental Centre - sind zu gehörende, gemeinnützig agierende Feldstationen für Meereschutz, Forschung und Ausbildung in Ägypten am Roten Meer und haben die Rechtsform einer NGO (Verein). Mehr Informationen über das RSEC erhalten sie bei den Vorständen Dr. Robert Hofrichter und Dipl.-Biol. Christian Alter ,

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Re: More Clean-up work in Dahab

Beitrag von Matthias » 09 Sep 2010 06:35

:applaus: :respect:

Compliment for this campaign. You give a good example, and I hope many People will follow you!

Many Greetings from the rainy Munich

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Kant, Immanuel


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