ABU DHABI: Cans top list of marine waste

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ABU DHABI: Cans top list of marine waste

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Cans top list of marine waste
November 22, 2010
ABU DHABI: Out of the 200 bags of waste that were collected at the Clean-Up Arabia Abu Dhabi event held on Friday Nov. 5, a break-down of what waste was collected has been established.
The items collected included: 2,160 beverage cans, 804 plastic bottles, 486 cigarettes, 359 plastic bags, 319 pieces of kitchenware, 235 glass bottles, 221 food wrappers, 160 pull tabs, 125 paper bags, and 71 ropes.
Marine debris can be harmful to marine life as-well as swimmers and divers’ health and safety. It also poses a hazardous risk to boats and leisure crafts.
On a greater scale, marine debris negatively impacts upon the local economy and can cause a loss in revenue from the tourism and fisheries industry.
Volunteer divers and residents found 840 kilogrammes of marine debris waste at the Mina Port near Fishermen’s Wharf.
The Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD) urged the public to assist in protecting the marine environment by always disposing of trash in designated locations, and to help clean up after outdoor excursions to prevent further harm to the environement.
EAD also encouraged citizens to actively participate in clean-up campaigns regularly, and to ensure that all paperwork such as licenses, are valid for the purposes of fishing.
They also advised residents to avoid fishing during spawning season.
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