Doktor/Masterarbeit Populationsökologie

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Doktor/Masterarbeit Populationsökologie

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Grad student position - population biology, University of South Florida

Position announcement:
Graduate assistantship in population ecology
University of South Florida (Tampa, FL), Department of =
Integrative Biology

A graduate assistantship in population ecology is available starting Fall s=
emester, 2012, to work on our NSF-funded project on « Demographic heterogene=
ity in landscapes and communities. » Applicants to both Ph.D. and M.S. progr=
ams will be considered, but preference will be given to the former. The pos=
ition is fully funded for 2 years. Beyond that time, there are normally a s=
ubstantial number of teaching assistantships available in our department fo=
r well-qualified students.
We seek a motivated student to work on data analysis and demographic models=
of population growth and its components, using data from the long-term stu=
dy of Florida scrub-jays at Archbold Biological Station (ABS)>. The graduate student will play a central role in deve=
loping and maintaining a database for use in the research, and in the devel=
opment, coding, and evaluation of models for the population dynamics of thi=
s species, as well as in statistical analyses of the data. The student will=
also interact with collaborating scientists at the University of Californi=
a, Santa Barbara=
, and ABS. This is an unusual opportunity to dissect some major components =
of dynamics of a natural population.

Qualifications: Applicants must exceed the requirements edu/ib/grad/admission/> for admission to our graduate program. Quantitative=
skills and a background in population biology are important.

Salary & benefits: A stipend of $22,000 per calendar year, medical insuranc=
e per the University’s contract with the graduate student union, and full c=
overage of tuition (does not include fees).

About: USF is a large Research I university. Our depart=
ment is growing and has a large active research=
program in ecology and related fields. Admission /grad/admission/> is competitive. Those in the Fox lab> work on a range of problems in ecology and population biology. Th=
e student’s own research may involve the scrub-jay data and analyses, but n=
eed not do so; students in our lab choose their own research projects.

To apply: For initial application, send CV and GRE scores to Gordon Fox (gf= Advance informal inquiries are strongly e=
ncouraged. You must also complete the application to our graduate program.<=>

Deadline: Review of applications will begin February 1, 2012.
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