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HighEnd -HighPower torcj

Verfasst: 09 Mär 2020 14:21
von horstartur
HighEnd/HighPower underwater torches for fluorescence observations
Warning: do not buy cheap torches with UV-LEDs. You will get lousy results with underwater fluorescence. Similar to my US-colleague Charles Mazel (nightsea and Light & Motion) we use blue light with royal-blue LEDs (450-465 nm).
This torch is a further development of my torch with 7 HighEnd royal-blue LEDs. Now 12 HighPower LEDs. All items are compatible with the sortiment of TillyTec.

The torch with 7 LEDs was used by professional divers (archeologists) to detect human bone fragments in a Roman wrack and in a World War II bomber. The bone fragments were assigned by DNA-analysis to 1st Lt. Eugene P. Ford buried in Arlington next to his son, who died in the Vietnam war. A very tragic history. see Links below

Antikythera my torch can be seen at Minute 11.17

Bones my torch can be seen at Minute 1:47 ... 180964081/

1st Lt. Eugene P. Ford buried in Arlington next to his son, who died in Vietnam war ... 2F#jwvideo

The advantages of my new torch are the following points:

1. No UV (395 nm) We use blue light (royal-blue 450-465 nm)
2. HighPower > 39 Watt (blue light is not denoted in Lumen)
2. important are the reflectors (15 - 30 light beam angle) can be increased under water by a special lens up till 120 degree (see figures)
3. dichroic interference filter (important for improvement of the fluorescence colors)
This important filter cannot be used in multifunctional torches with white or red LEDs, because its blue color interferes with the white and red LEDs.
4.LiCoNi (lithium cobalt nickel) batteries in the format 21700 with integrated PCB - protective
5.Cheaper than other HighEnd underwater torches
6.permanent light at full power over at least 90 minutes

You can also order a HighPower torch with daylight LEDs (5500º Kelvin). It contains 12 HighEnd LEDs (8700 Lumen). Also with this torch the light beam can be modified under water from 15 to abate 100 Degree.

For detailed information contact horst.grunz et

Re: HighEnd -HighPower torcj

Verfasst: 11 Mär 2020 11:36
von horstartur
Antikythera my torch can be seen at Minute 7:42