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Unterwasser-Fluoreszenz - Warum?

Verfasst: 09 Sep 2019 18:28
von horstartur
Night Dives with fluorescence are of limited interest for most of the recreational divers.
Although this technique allows the detection of dead or severely endangered corals (environmental problem), this topic is of lower priority for most of the members of the community.
On the other hand underwater fluorescence is of increasing interest for professional divers and marine biologist or archeologists.
Professional application of our HighEnd fluorescence torch in underwater-Archeology Antikythera underwater archaeological excavation project 2000 years old bones; my torch is shown from minute 7:40 >
Wissenschaftliche Anwendung meiner HighEnd-Leuchte beim Nachweis menschlicher Überreste in und an einem 2.Weltkrieg-Bomber in Kroatien - die Leuchte ist kurz sogar im Tagesinsatz zu sehen;Minute.1:47 > ... 180964081/
In both projects tiny human bone fragments could be detected with my HighPower fluorescence torches.
The identity of the long-lost crewmembers could be confirmed by DNA-analysis for a final proper burial (Lt. Eugene Ford, Sgt. Charles Priest and 1st Lt. Russell Landry). The WWII bomber pilot’s remains, recovered through international efforts, were joined to those of his son at Arlington. This is especial tragic since his son lost his live in Vietnam.
Also sharks show yellow-green fluorescence, when illuminated with blue light.
Spectacular was the recent finding that Bright Green Biofluorescence in Sharks deerives
from Bromo-Kynurenine Metabolism (see attachments). In addition it has antibacterial activity. The authors assume that in contrast to humans the sharks could recognize sexual partner (male/female). Therefore fluorescence could be important in ethology and neurobiology.
This chromophore is quite different from GFP (Green fluorescent protein and its derivatives; Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 2008), which is responsible for the magic fluorescence in corals and jelly fish (Cnidaria).
These findings show that underwater fluorescence is a valuable tool in marine research projects.
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Re: Unterwasser-Fluoreszenz - Warum?

Verfasst: 09 Sep 2019 18:33
von horstartur