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HighEnd underwater fluorescence torch

Verfasst: 24 Mär 2018 17:02
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Our HighEnd underwater fluorescence torch contains now a special electronic, which allows an permanent operation with full power with fully charged LiAkkus over 2 hours. After this time it slowly decreases in intensity. The recreational diver does not need an illumination longer than 1 hour. However, tec-divers and/or underwater archeologists need torches with burning times around 90 minutes. So it is a certain success that professional tec-diver and archeologists use my highend fluorescence torch to detect tiny pieces of 2000 year old human skeleton. > "Technical advances in underwater archaeology, the Antikythera shipwreck excavation example" My torch is seen at minutes 14:08 and 29:35. ... s/AlexTalk Also the other artefacts (especially a astrological clock) are a highlight worldwide. >
The importance of the findings is demonstrated by the fact that the results are published in the outstanding scientific journal Nature. > ... ck-1.20632
further YouTube movie > reconstruction of the astrological mechanism> ... 6-BnIjS2MA

My torch was also used in detection of human bone fragments at a world war II bomber at the coast of Croatia. > ... 180964081/ My torch is seen at minute 1:47.

The project will be continued in 2018.
Workshop in May 2018 in Egypt >

Dr Tony Freeth Stanford lectures
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