Weltsensation - Unterwasser-Archeologie

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Weltsensation - Unterwasser-Archeologie

Beitrag von horstartur » 19 Nov 2017 00:19

Underwater-fluorescence is not only fun. Ok! It is really a magic new world in rainbow colors for recreational divers and professional photographers. However, even more important are the scientific applications. 1) By fluorescence it is possible to discriminate between living and red corals (status of the reef) by quick large scale scanning. 2 a) professional underwater archeology uses fluorescent light to detect tiny human bones fragments of crew members of a world war II bomber (see link on my WEB-page) 2b) fragments of a 2000 year old human skeleton in a Roman wreck. One of the Greek archeologist and Tec-divers Dr. Alexandros Sotiriou reports in a talk during a meeting in Italy about this worldwide sensation. Some artifacts are even mentioned in the high standard journal Nature.
My high-power fluorescence torch is shown in action from minute 14.00 and 28:00
https://www.uni-due.de/zoophysiologie/a ... s/AlexTalk
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