Antikythera underwater archaeological excavation project

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Antikythera underwater archaeological excavation project

Beitrag von horstartur » 05 Okt 2017 23:38

Hello colleagues and friends,

just this evening I received a report from Alexanders Sotiriou, Athen concerning the Antikythera underwater archaeological excavation project. My high-power fluorescence torch is seen from minute 7:40. Its nice that the underwater fluorescence in addition to the reef check projects (coral bleaching) is useful also in archaeological research.
Best regards
Horst (Grunz)

Citation: Hello everybody. You all know each other except for Prof. Dr. Horst Grunz, an underwater blue light applications pioneer and expert. He is the one that guided our first steps and answered the important questions. Please also e-meet Dr. Brendan Foley the director of our scientific projects and ARGO NGO manager.
Please see a video from the latest field work, unfortunately the job in Croatia has publication restrictions that will be lifted some time in the future : Regards Alexander.
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