Free one-week introductory molecular phylogenetics course

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Free one-week introductory molecular phylogenetics course

Beitrag von mare-mundi Redaktion » 30 Okt 2014 17:48

Molecular diagnostics: a short course

The Natural History Museum is offering a one-week course (23-27 February
2015) on introductory phylogenetic methods, entitled 'Molecular diagnostics
for species identification and evolutionary analysis'. The course is
designed for junior taxonomists/ecologists/environmental scientists and PhD
students by specialists at the Museum although anyone can apply. The course
is completely funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and no
charge is made for participation.


The course will teach participants the steps involved to produce molecular
phylogenies from raw Sanger and mitogenomic next-generation sequence data
(Illumina paired-end). Lectures will provide brief theoretical background
prior to any practical applications. Please note that this course assumes no
prior experience with DNA sequence analyses. Each step, involving specific
software, will be demonstrated and practiced in hands-on computer lab
sessions. On the last day, participants will be able to analyse their own
data or return to sections of the course of their own choice.
Places are limited and the deadline of 1 December 2014 is fast approaching.
See the following web page for further information.

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