International conference of young marine researchers

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International conference of young marine researchers

Beitrag von mare-mundi Redaktion » 12 Feb 2013 16:33

YOUMARES 4: international conference of young marine researchers


Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to take a look at the planned sessions of the international conference of young marine researchers: YOUMARES 4.
The conference takes place in Oldenburg, Germany from 11.09.–13.09.2013: :arrow:

Topics and planned theme sessions:
1. Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM): Formation, turnover, degradation and properties :arrow:
2. The ecosystem approach and beyond: multidisciplinary science for sustainability in fisheries :arrow:
3. Marine measurement technologies: Science and Engineering :arrow:
4. Marine Plastic Pollution: From Sources to Solutions :arrow:
5. Fish feeds the world - but how? :arrow:
6. Marine Habitat Mapping: stretching the blue marble on a map :arrow:
7. Responses of marine fish to multiple environmental stressors :arrow:
8. How to integrate blue biotechnology in food industry and medicine :arrow:
9. What’s up with coral reefs? :arrow:
10. The importance of coral reef ecosystems for coastal zones: Services, threats, and protection strategies :arrow:
11. Waste water management systems: application-oriented technologies and strategies to challenge marine pollution :arrow:
12. Operational Oceanography :arrow:
13. Methods and applications of ocean remote sensing :arrow:
14. Cephalopods and jellyfish as key species in marine ecosystems: a spatio-temporal multi-scale approach :arrow:
Please feel free to pass this on to those who may be interested!

Svenja Beilfuss
Svenja Beilfuss


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