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Congress of the History of Oceanography Neapel, 26.-29. Juni

Verfasst: 02 Mär 2008 11:19
von Dr. Robert Hofrichter
Ankündigung des 8. International Congress of the History of Oceanography in Neapel vom 26.-29. Juni mit Schwerpunkt Mittelmeer.

ICHO VIII, "The History of Oceanography in the Mediterranean"
26-29 June 2008
Villa Doria d'Angri (Naples)

Ausrichter des Kongresses ist die Associazione Italiana Oceanologia e Limnologia und die Stazione Zoologica.

ICHO VIII, "The History of Oceanography in the Mediterranean"
26-29 June 2008
Villa Doria d'Angri (Naples)

The eighth meeting of the International Congress of the History of Oceanography (ICHO VIII) will be held this coming summer in Naples (Italy). While the Congress is open to a wide-range of topics in the history of marine sciences, it would like to direct the attention of scholars to the following topics:

Special Sections:
Prince Albert and Mediterranean Oceanography
The role of the Stazione Zoologica in Marine Science
Marine Stations and Oceanography in the Mediterranean),
Paper Sessions:
Oceanography and Patronage,
Oceanography in the Time of the ColdWar,
Oceanography as a Global Science,
Oceanography as an Interdisciplinary Science
Modeling and Forecasting
Development of Measuring Systems
Outstanding Individual Scientists
Marine Science and the Protection of the Seas

International meetings in the history of oceanography, with the rubric of International Congress of the History of Oceanography, have a storied history from gatherings in Monaco (1966), Edinburgh (1972), Woods Hole (1980), Hamburg (1987), Scripps (1993), Qingdao (1999), and Kaliningrad (2003). The eighth meeting, to be held in Naples, will thus join these previous settings and will further the development of the history of oceanography.
In past meetings, the location of the Congress usually served as the focal point for many presentations. Since many meetings were held at major oceanographic centers, this orientation often attracted much local support and local interest. These presentations have often been complemented by papers with a broader scope, thus giving rise to the “from the local to the global” character common at many congresses. We anticipate a similar pattern in the Naples meeting, with its location in the Mediterranean but with its influential reach far beyond the confines of the local Sea.
Scholars who wish to participate in the congress by presenting a paper, should submit an abstract and draft of the paper to either or both of the program chairs (listed below) by 15 April 2008. Acceptances will be sent no later than 30 April. All topics in the history of the marine sciences will be considered.
To date, all of the congresses have resulted in the publication of a proceedings volume. Most of the publications have contributed to the emergence and rapid growth of a community of scholars who identify themselves as “historians of oceanography.” ICHO-VIII is intended to advance this scholarship through the participation of over 150 international scholars.

Program Chairs: Keith R. Benson (
Walter Lenz (waltlenz

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Dr. Walter Lenz
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