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Inland Waters new journal International Society of Limnology

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Inland Waters, new journal of the International Society of Limnology (SIL)

Zugang nur für SIL-Mitglieder

We are pleased to announce Issue # 1 of Inland Waters, the new journal
of the International Society of Limnology (SIL). The journal is the
scholarly outlet for the society that advances science by promoting
understanding of inland aquatic ecosystems. The subject matter parallels
the content of SIL Congresses and includes all aspects of physical,
chemical, and biological limnology, as well as applied and regional
limnology. The journal will include articles based on plenary lectures
presented at Congresses, standard manuscripts, and focal articles
entitled 'Research Briefs' intended to promote communication of emerging
issues. To serve the interests of the society and its working groups,
future special issues may be dedicated to particular themes, specific
water bodies, or aquatic systems in a geographic area. Inland Waters
benefits from an international Editorial Board and publication by the
Freshwater Biological Association (FBA). Papers are available online to
SIL members and subscribers as they are finalized. Print issues are
available quarterly.

This first issue matches the goals of our new publication. The Baldi
Memorial Lecture by William Lewis Jr. "Global primary production of
lakes" provides a synthesis of the deterministic and stochastic factors
that control primary production with estimates based on background
nutrient conditions and perturbed conditions arising from
eutrophication. The Kilham Lecture by Robert Sterner "C:N:P
stoichiometry in Lake Superior: freshwater sea as end member"
characterizes this deep, low-phosphorus lake that has efficient carbon
cycling, excess nitrate, and limited organic carbon to promote
denitrification. The plenary paper by Tamar Zohary and Ilia Ostrovsky
"Ecological impacts of excessive water level fluctuations in stratified
freshwater lakes" provides a comparative analysis of water level
fluctuations that may exceed natural amplitudes in response to climate,
hydrology, and human exploitation. Evidence shows that deep lakes
respond adversely to excessive water level fluctuations, demonstrated by
biotic changes and increased internal loading, manifesting symptoms of
eutrophication. The paper by Jack Talling "Some distinctive
subject-contributions from tropical Africa to fundamental science of
inland waters" highlights the unique features of water bodies in Africa,
the continent that hosted our most recent Congress (Capetown, South
Africa, August 2010).

Inland Waters supplants the familiar and historic scientific proceedings
from SIL Congresses - the Verhandlungen. It was first published in 1923
and the 30-volume series contains some 7785 manuscripts representing the
progress and contributions of the society. Given the drastic changes in
scientific communication, and with the support of Freshwater Biological
Association, SIL has now made a switch to a rapidly accessible,
peer-reviewed publication. We are looking forward to continued support
from SIL members and receiving diverse and timely contributions.

The journal is available on FBA website
( Members should use the generic SIL
Member user name and password to gain access:

Username - silmember

Password - iw2011

With Best regards,

-John R. Jones, Editor-in-Chief
-David P. Hamilton, Senior Associate Editor
-Janice Faaborg, Redactory Editor
-Karen Rouen, Louise Miles, and Simon Pawley, FBA Publication Team
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