Fallours: Tropical Fishes of the East Indies (Faksimile)

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Fallours: Tropical Fishes of the East Indies (Faksimile)

Beitrag von ClaudiaBryozoa » 06 Okt 2010 08:12

Alte Faksimile in neuem Outfit: Tropical Fishes of the East Indies von Samuel Fallours gibt es jetzt wieder :)


von SimpsonBooks:

It has been some time since we had a decent facsimile and this new title has
been widely and very well reviewed and deserves a mention :

Tropical Fishes of the East Indies by Samuel Fallours

2010. 33 x 30cm (13" x 12"). Pp.224. Hardbound. GBP44.99, approx USD$70.00.

A zenith in zoological illustration - the hand-coloured, almost surrealistic
paintings of tropical fishes of the East-Indies made between 1703-1715 are
now available in perfect facsimile. Large folio format facsimile, weighing
about 2½ kg. Each page is reproduced on heavy, embossed paper; even the
print-through on the reverse of the pages is faintly visible, just as in the

These beautiful, elaborately detailed and brilliantly coloured drawings bear
extraordinary witness to the marine fish fauna of the East Indies and can
still be interpreted in light of present-day scientific knowledge. From an
artistic and historical viewpoint, these drawings are among the finest
natural history illustrations ever made.

Destined to sell out fairly quickly, a must have for your library.

Full details, cover image and secure online ordering :
Briefly, learning, one with nature. Memories swim ever gently. - Peter Sale

No sharks swim backwards. - Douglas Seifert


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