Love hurts! Bullenhaiweibchen Seychellen mit Bißspuren

Alles rund um die Seychellen, unsere Reef Check-Studie und geplante Projekte

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Dr. Robert Hofrichter
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Love hurts! Bullenhaiweibchen Seychellen mit Bißspuren

Beitrag von Dr. Robert Hofrichter » 11 Dez 2011 12:29

Love hurts! Bullenhaiweibchen Seychellen mit Bißspuren

:arrow: ... ove-hurts/

Went to the landing area to see the shark fishers’ catch this morning. They had another
large Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) which I measured at 3.05m TL, a beautiful Blacktip (C. Limbatus) showing all the metallic hues of its body colouration –
though it had lost its tail bitten clean off below the pelvic fins. They had also caught 3 Grey reef shark (C. amblyrhynchos) but these had been eaten on the line also and only the heads remained. A little later a second boat came in with a catch consisting largely of rays including a few small shovel-nosed rays (Rhynchobatus djiddensis).

Having measured the Bull shark I busied myself taking photos of the catch and the sectioning of the Bull shark. Unfortunately, I noticed too late that I had inadvertently
changed the camera settings leading to most of the photos being excessively underexposed. Very annoying, particularly as the colouration of the Blacktip was so beautiful! I was however able to save a few photos – though not the best ones - on my computer thanks to the wonders of software “jiggery-pokery”… (see sidebar).

The Bull shark was a female but not pregnant she did however show evidence of recent mating with clear bite marks on the skin of her flanks and belly (see below). The damage to the belly was quite deep… clearly love hurts if you are a bull shark; not as much however as the fisherman’s hook!

Bild The circled areas show the mating-bite injuries to the flank and belly of the Bull shark (Photo J. Nevill 2011).
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