Neue NGO: The Shark Research Foundation, Seychelles

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Neue NGO: The Shark Research Foundation, Seychelles

Beitrag von Dr. Robert Hofrichter » 11 Dez 2011 12:24

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New NGO formed – The Shark Research Foundation, Seychelles.


Another output from the National Shark Research Initiative (see post of 2nd
November 2011) has been formalised. The Shark Research Foundation, Seychelles
was registered as an NGO on the 23rd November 2011.

The Foundation brings together key national partners involved in shark conservation and management to provide a platform for coordinated action.

The Mission Statement of the Foundation is:

To enhance knowledge on the occurrence, distribution and ecology of sharks
in Seychelles waters and the broader Indian Ocean to enable the informed
conservation, sustainable use and management of shark populations.

The above statement is supported by the following Objectives:

a) To promote, facilitate and conduct research on the movement, behaviour, ecology, biology and stock structure of shark species.
b) To inform, develop and promote sound management practices for the conservation and sustainable use of shark populations.
c) To support implementation of national shark initiatives including the National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks.
d) To build national capacity in shark research, conservation, sustainable use and
e) To promote education and awareness of shark populations in Seychelles waters in particular: their importance for the health and productivity of marine ecosystems, as a valuable tourism asset and as a source of quality protein for the local community.
f) To generate, raise or access funds and develop strategic partnerships to advance
the objectives above.

The Foundation has already commenced operations developing funding applications and seeking partnerships to further its objectives.
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