total motivation for our seas!

There still is much to save! But with „business as usual“ we are facing an earth-historical ecological disaster comparable to the great crisis about 65 million years ago when a massive meteorite hit the earth and changed everything. At that time a mass extinction of species was the result which also fell victim to the dinosaurs. A similar catastrophe is imminent if we do not start changing.

What will the world of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren look like? What degree of destruction will they find? Will the earth as we know it and take for granted still exist? Or will “the old earth” only be found in books, movies and in virtual reality?

It all lies in our own hands- Only together we can build the future. And so we invite you: think along, discuss with us, become part of the solution.

MareMundi has three major goals:

  1. Protection of ecologically valuable habitats
  2. aaccessible Education in ecological and sustainable issues to the general public
  3. Research (problem analysis and solutions)

more about ecological basics

(c) Robert Hofrichter

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Dr. Robert Hofrichter the founder of MareMundi holds a PhD in marine biology. For 30 years he has been addressing the mentioned goals in the public and in the media.  He is the author of 25 books and published the three-volume standard work “The Mediterranean” – from 2017 onwards its completion of (Volume II / 2) and (Volume II / 3) will be one of MareMund ́s important tasks.

MareMundi’s roots go back to the founding of the Red Sea Research, Training and Environmental Protection field station
in Dahab in 2002 – the RSEC – Red Sea Environmental Centre. Based on this first field station and supported by donations and membership fees to MareMundi the field station and the “School by the Sea” could
be built on the island of Krk in 2013. Currently an additional station
is operated in Plakias (Crete).
The Association for the Promotion of Marine Sciences MareMundi is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) with the legal form of a non-profit association based in Salzburg, Austria. The NGO whose activity is not profit -oriented is a tax-privileged donor-recipient (FW 2422) controlled by auditors.

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